Connecting employers with students


If your organization is finding it challenging to find top university talent, this page is for you!

Every year top employers in your area fight to attract the best university talent. But often they end up spending too much time and money with questionable results.

Junix is a Sofia based company that helps you design and execute the smartest way to approach top university talent from the region. Like our slogan reads: Connecting employers with students. This is how we’ll do it: we will come to your office, analyze your business and HR needs, suggest the best way to approach university talent and help you execute it.

Our promise: In 3 months, you will have branded your organization as best employer choice among university students and receive the sufficient number of great applicants. All of this with minimum efforts on your side.

We offer a unique service including consulting and reaching students in universities and junior talent communities. We have the expertise: with exclusive 5-year experience in university relations and university recruitment, we can offer you insides from 10 Bulgarian and 5 EU universities. And we know all the bits and pieces there: professors, administration, career centers, student organizations and many more.


Things we can help you with

We define your HR and business needs, based on your predictions, expectations and statistics.

We create your personalized action plan for approaching university talents, including type of events, customized initiatives and hiring.

We help you find the best talent by assisting you with prospect contacts.

We can advise you how to hire your bright new stars in the most strategic way, including the steps for their development you may undertake.

We can advise you on the type of contracts you may use and the steps for their development you may undertake.

All the hustle when organizing your events at universities, including booking rooms, advertising, taking pictures, collecting contacts is on us


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Uni graduates not working what they have studied for
Employers struggling to find skilled employees
Employers willing to invest in junior talent